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Published Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New Product – 350&700 gallon MC1+ and MC3+

Calling all Mechanical Contractors and Specifying Engineers! We know it can be frustrating carrying and using multiple water treatment bottles that only treat up to 33 gallons on a big site, which is why we have now introduced bottles that treat up to 350 gallons and 700 gallons! Corrosion and scale can block commercial boiler waterways and high performance circulators. Do not panic! We now have the perfect sized MC1+ Protector and MC3+ Cleaner water treatment formulas to bring your commercial hydronic heating system back to life! Even more exciting, our water treatments have just won a Queen’s Award for innovation too!

Dual XP

ADEY® Unveils Another Magnetic Filtration Solution to the North American Market. For contractors looking to solve problems caused by water quality issues during summer maintenance projects, across larger residential or light commercial applications, ADEY’s 2017 H&V News Award winning MagnaClean DualXP provides a clear solution. Bridging the gap between residential and heavy-duty commercial magnetic filters. As the use of high-efficiency boilers and ECM pumps has increased, so has the importance of water quality. We find that the summer months are vital for ensuring that your hydronic heating system is maintained ready for the winter. Read more… 

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